Register your interest to attend the world’s largest all-female hackathon.

#SheHacksVIC is the world’s largest all-female hackathon – an 18+ event where you make new friends and build a startup together in a weekend. You will find cofounders and build an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product. You don’t have to be technical, but you do have to want to be awesome.

Do you want to learn how to build a great business? Do you like making new female friends? Are cupcakes and really good tea your idea of a good time? #SheHacks was created especially for you. We took what was wrong with hackathons and flipped the model to create an enjoyable experience just for you. If you’re over 18, you’re invited!

Register for a bootcamp where we will give you the skills and confidence to make the most of #SheHacksVIC. We will also have online bootcamp if you can’t make it or there isn’t one in your area. Sign up and meet other women just like you who want to learn the skills needed to build a successful startup.



To help get you ready for #SheHacks you are invited to join us for bootcamps across Victoria. We will give you an overview of why you should create a startup, what’s involved and give you the skills to make it happen…


1 April


9 April


10 April


7 May

14 – 16 July 2017

#SheHacksVIC is going the be the largest all-female hackathon in the world! We have run #SheHacks since 2014 and every year it sells out quickly.
Tickets on sale May 8th – register your interest so you don’t miss out!

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Without the fantastic people at LaunchVIC, #SheHacksVIC would not be possible. If you would also like to partner with us we’d love to hear from you! partners@girlgeekacademy.com