No matter what your skillset is,
we want you to build a startup.

What is #SheHacks?

#SheHacks is Australia’s largest all-women hackathon – an 18+ event where you make new friends and build a startup together in a weekend. You will find cofounders and build an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product. You don’t have to be technical, but you do have to want to be awesome.

#SheHacks is an initiative of Girl Geek Academy. You are invited to learn new skills, test new business ideas and meet new people to build the internet with.

Unlike other hackathons, you don’t have to pitch to get started. Kicking off on a Friday night, you will be placed into teams of 3-4 and your ideas will come from those teams.

You’ll eat awesome food, spend quality time getting to know other women doing amazing things with technology, and work together to bring something new to life.

So work out whether you’re a hipster (designer), hacker (developer) or a hustler (marketer / communications / sales) and

I’m keen, but is it for me?

Do you want to learn how to build a great business?

Do you like making new female friends?

Are cupcakes and really good tea your idea of a good time?

#SheHacks was created especially for you. We took what was wrong with hackathons and flipped the model to create an enjoyable experience just for you. If you’re over 18, you’re invited!

For many participants, this is their first foray into a hackathon, while others are serial entrepreneurs. There’s a whole range of talent in the room. Some teams have more business talent, and some teams have less. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn something, build something, and network with other amazing people in a meaningful way.

The aim is to create diverse teams with a broad range of skills to enable the team to build something together during the event. If that sounds like you, come along!

Oh cool, how do I get started?

Register for a bootcamp, where we will give you the skills and confidence to make the most of #SheHacks. We will also have online bootcamp if you can’t make it or there isn’t one in your area. Sign up and meet other women just like you who want to learn the skills needed to build a successful startup.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where diverse teams come together to create something, often with some code or software component. Our hackathons are an opportunity to connect and collaborate with women in a new team, structured as a weekend-long adventure in learning and creativity through technology.

What is Girl Geek Academy?

Girl Geek Academy is a global movement with one big goal: make the digital world better by getting a million women involved by 2025.

We do this through initiatives like #SheHacks, aiming to foster a love of science and technology among women. Our team and events work to assist women in gaining skills and experience in tech fields and support them in the workplace and beyond.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing a laptop, pens and notebook. Any other supplies are up to you!

What do I get for $99?

Your $99 registration includes all #SheHacks workshops over the weekend, as well as refreshments and all activities. Every #SheHacks attendee will be invited to become a Girl Geek Academy member (valued at $99), and will gain access to all member benefits. Expect healthy and delicious food, opportunities to mingle, professional photography on Sunday and a few additional surprises.

This #SheHacks experience is valued at over $599, and thanks to our supporting partners it’s available to you for the very special price of $99.

What is your inclusivity policy?

Our events intend an inclusive definition of “Girl Geeks” – if you identify yourself as a woman, non-binary, or other gender minority, then you are welcome. In other words, if you feel like a Girl Geek, then #SheHacks is for you!

Who owns any code I write, or assets I make?

You do, unless you’re using something that belongs to someone else.

I can’t code – can I still attend?

Yes! In fact, a well-rounded team of different skill sets might just give you the advantage! Think Hipster (designer), Hacker (programmer) and Hustler (marketing and business – growth hacker).

What if my friends don’t want to come with me? I’m signing up on my own and I’m worried I won’t know anyone!

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone attending. Groups will be formed by #SheHacks organisers on the Friday night, there will be lots of time to mingle and get to know other attendees. Plus, we’re all a hoot so you’re going to have a blast!

How big are the teams?

We have tested this many many times: teams of three or more work best. This number is large enough to have diverse skills (hacker, hustler, hipster) yet small enough to get to know your team members well in a short space of time.

What language can I code in?

Anything you desire! But don’t try to learn a new language at #SheHacks – this is not the time for that. Go with what you know.

Do I need to have an idea already?

Unlike other hackathons, you don’t have to pitch an idea – you will meet your team first, and talk about potential problems your team have the skills and ambition to solve. Together.

MOST IMPORTANT: What are we eating?

We LOVE great food and say no to beer and pizza at Hackathons – it’s even written in our manifesto! We believe in great food and go out of our way to make sure we are a happy, healthy bunch of girl geeks. This means fruit, quality meals and catering for a range of dietary requirements.

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Girl Geek Academy is a global movement encouraging women to learn technology, create startups and build more of the internet.

With aims of teaching 1 million women and girls to build the internet by 2025, this group of hipsters, hackers and hustlers are skilled digital professionals wanting to increase the number of women with successful STEM careers. This girl-gang work with teachers, schools, corporates and startups to increase the number of woman in the digital and entrepreneurial landscape.

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14-16 July 2017

6.00pm Friday – 4pm Sunday

The Dream Factory, 90 Maribyrnong St, Footscray VIC 3011.

Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinners included, and we are currently aiming to provide childcare.

This is a heavily subsidised event and tickets are $99 for individuals.

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