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GippsTech: Elena Kelareva

GippsTech is the brainchild of Elene Kelareva who was inspired to set up the organisation as she saw the decline of the mining industry in the Gippsland area and the impact of that decline on the community. “My husband is from the area and has been working there for seven years so we’ve had a […]

by Lisy Kane • September 21, 2017
SheHacks News

Brynn Davies: Lunchbox

Brynn Davies is on a mission – not only to breathe life into long form journalism, but to champion Australian music, with Lunchbox. It all began as a web series when Brynn was working in music media and found she needed a creative outlet. “I always loved Countdown and Molly Meldrum was my idol. I […]

by LJ Charleston • September 18, 2017
SheHacks News

Vela Georgiev – HardworX

Vela Georgiev is a Melbourne-based engineer who has worked on all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from idea to minimum viable product through to full turnkey manufacture.  She’s been working in Asia for several years (mostly Malaysia and China) and now she’s organised a curated tour to Shenzhen, China in November. The exciting news […]

by LJ Charleston • September 4, 2017
SheHacks News

Carolyne Burns: Expr3ss!

Carolyne Burns co-founded Expr3ss! when she realised the HR sector needed disrupting. She knew traditional recruitment methods are time consuming, subjective and create a dilemma. A recent Google study of 10,000 hires also showed zero benefit from reading CVs and the same study showed zero benefit from interviews too. Her Expr3ss! software and unique method […]

by LJ Charleston • July 20, 2017
SheHacks News

Sara Eastwood: Mybestgift

By the time Sara Eastwood’s eldest daughter was three, she realised they already had enough ‘stuff’ and she couldn’t bear the idea of the toy collection of two young girls growing any further. “I started looking for experiences for kids as an alternative for toys as gifts, and I couldn’t find a marketplace that solved […]

by Lisy Kane • July 14, 2017
SheHacks News

Sheree Rubinstein: One Roof

One Roof is a co-working space dedicated to women and women-led businesses. According to founder Sheree Rubinstein, the name One Roof embodies the idea that they provide everything a female entrepreneur needs to thrive under one roof. “I used to work as corporate lawyer in top tier law firm and I realised that wasn’t my […]

by Lisy Kane • July 12, 2017
SheHacks News

Jennifer Fein: Youli Travel

Youli Travel (You live to Travel) is a travel management solution. So, if you’re organising a gathering, such as a retreat in Bali, with people coming from all over the world with different itineraries (but a shared schedule) it enables you to manage schedules and payment, as well as itineraries, all in one place. It’s […]

by Lisy Kane • July 11, 2017
SheHacks News

Heba Shaheed: The Pelvic Expert

Starting a business during pregnancy and rushing off to hospital to give birth when she was in the middle of a 12 week startup accelerator is just part of life for Heba Shaheed – the founder of The Pelvic Expert. A passionate advocate for women’s health, particularly for issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction and […]

by LJ Charleston • June 22, 2017
SheHacks News

Grace Wong: Liven – the app revolutionising how we dine out

Melbourne businesswoman Grace Wong has always been inspired by startups using new technology to solve old problems. She realised that tech has changed the way people order takeaway meals but she wanted to devise a way to liven up people’s lives by rewarding them for dining out.   Wong co-founded and launched the app Liven […]

by LJ Charleston • June 21, 2017
SheHacks News

Bethany Koby: Technology Will Save Us

Bethany Koby is on a mission to use technology in the best way possible for young people – to help ignite their creativity and imagination so they’ll play, code and invent in ways previous generations have not been able to.   It was Bethany’s journey in motherhood that put on her the tech path, as […]

by LJ Charleston • June 21, 2017
SheHacks News

Naomi Young: Tinkertime and Nay Nay

Tinkertime is the brain-child of Naomi Young and, at its core, it’s a children’s entertainment brand that embraces the core concepts of STEM. Led by female protagonist, Nay Nay, it also features a YouTube channel along with music and videos airing on ABC Kids. Nay Nay also delights large crowds of audiences performing live shows […]

by LJ Charleston • June 19, 2017


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