Bryony Cole is the creator of the Future of Sex podcast which she launched over a year ago and hopes will change the attitudes around sex tech.

“It’s a very important topic and under the branch of sex tech is the robotics. I first thought it was totally creepy until I interviewed the makers of the real dolls and realised a lot of people buying the dolls need them for therapeutic reasons. Perhaps they’ve been through trauma and can’t have sex, or they have a disability such as cerebral palsy. So, I’ve become much more empathetic to the idea of sex robots which many people find creepy.”

Byrony is hoping to help change attitudes, particularly around what sex tech can do for education.

“It’s amazing to raise the bar in sex education. In my Future of Sex podcast, I’ve started talking to therapists, as they’ve seen the most bedrooms! Couples are having problems because they’re spending too much time on their phones and get home and are looking at multiple screens and by the time they get to bed they’re too tired for sex.”

Bryony admits the information around robotic sex has been a ‘big eye opener’ for her.

“The other area I’ve found interesting is the number of women getting involved in sex tech and coming out with different sex toys or teledildonics, and I thought that was fascinating, as its previously been very male dominated.”

“Things are changing with VR entering the bedroom but, just like sexuality, it’s not just porn or straight sex. Sexuality is also about education, health, medicine, violence, entertainment and psychology. So I’m keen to look at all the tech that’s been developed around these areas.”

One platform Bryony has been particularly impressed with is OMG Yes (one of the co-founders is an Australian).

“It features touchable videos that allow you to learn and practice 12 different techniques that lead women to orgasm. The founders did a huge study in 2016 around female orgasm techniques.  They studied 2,000 women and also filmed many of them, and made the platform which delivers all the content in a very easy way so you can practice.”

“The great thing is they’ve also put language around all the different techniques. So aside from the tech and it being amazing and being engaged and learning that’s not about anatomy, and it’s not clinical and sterile but hyper sexual and not what we usually see in pop culture.”

Whether we recognise it or not, technology is shaping our intimate lives in many ways. Bryony is interested in the idea of tech entering the bedroom and impacting the way we fall in love, the way we date and the way we have sex.