Urissa Chinia is behind the start-up LoveSmiles; the world’s first teeth whitening kit that links sustainability to health and well being. It’s made out of 100 percent activated coconut shell and includes a natural biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

“When you purchase from us, you’re not only reducing your plastic footprint, you’re contributing to more gum trees in Australia and supporting our efforts to support injured wildlife,” Urissa said.

Urissa made it her mission to develop a teeth whitening product that reflected her values and morals.

“The reason LoveSmiles was founded was because I wanted to develop something that was good for our health that would positively impact the environment.  LoveSmiles is for the health conscious citizens of the world who are concerned about the environment. If your life hits rock bottom the only thing you can do is control your ability to smile and be happy. All I wanted was a brighter smiles because that was one thing I could control. But being told by medical professionals to be aware of inadequate teeth whitening kits, pushed me to find an alternative natural solution.”

“LoveSmiles kits proudly uses natural activated carbon charcoal – which is made from 100 percent coconut shell. Along with our environmentally friendly MOSO bamboo infused charcoal iron toothbrush. And no, our bamboo isn’t aiding deforestation nor is it affecting our cuddly panda bears because they don’t eat MOSO bamboo. MOSO bamboo is actually a type of grass which grows rapidly,” Urissa said.

“So a lot of thought love and care has been put into constructing LoveSmiles.  We aren’t about making money instead direct proceeds from our kits goes to planting gum tress in Australia and support injured wild life.”

In the beginning, Urissa had a few obstacles, including writing her initial business plan.

“Also jotting down everything that was running through my brain on paper. It was also challenging trying to balance my personal life whilst also managing to complete business tasks that needed to be done. I’ve also had to harness the skill of listening, because I don’t know everything and I’m always eager to learn and receive construct feedback with open arms.”


Urissa believes women should be encouraged from an early age to start their own business.

“If starting their own business is something any female is passionate about then society should encourage them to ignite their potential whilst respecting and treating them as equals by allowing them to flourish and receive equal pay. The role of the average women in this day and age has completely changed. Gone are the days where females were raised to be a wife that stood for washing, ironing, feeding and entertaining.”

In order to get Urissa’s business started she focused on these key steps:
  1. Research, learn, and comprehend the existing market of the teeth whitening industry.
  2. Developing a solution to solve an ongoing environmental problem.
  3. Developing a proper business plan which outlines all of my train of thoughts.
  4. Seeking professional advice and affiliations in areas that I wasn’t knowledgeable about .
  5. Getting products tested and certified to meet all regulations and standards.
  6. Allowing every day and genuine people to test products and provide informative reviews. Learning how to improve and taking constructive feedback with an open heart.
  7. Deciding which organisation to support and align with that matched LoveSmiles core values.
  8. Creating ideas and content to get my message out to the public.

What’s your best advice for other start-ups?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and affiliate with professionals who can help you bring your idea and visions to life. You must have a plan.  We are still in the start-up phase but will be launching internationally soon.  We expect huge growth once the market becomes aware of us. We are currently spreading awareness of our brand on social media and through PR activities whilst affiliating with environmental organisations,” Urissa said.

“I believe that a company shouldn’t be measured on the amount of income they make but instead they should be measured by the positive impact they can make in society. LoveSmiles affiliates with unique organisations and our key message will focus on how we are contributing to environmental organisations and causes.”